Video Gaming on a Budget

I've been a gamer since I was in high school, and would typically blow my entire allowance on new games. Even then, I'd have to save for weeks to afford the latest releases, which even back then, cost $50 per game. So you can imagine how happy I was once I found out you can rent games and save a boat load of money.


gamefly free trial offerI started out renting games from Redbox, but the main issue was that the rental rates became quite high. At first, the rate was just $1 per day, which I found to be reasonable. But eventually, that rate tripled, to $3 per day, which became a bit too much for me. At this rate, I would be paying the same cost as a regular game after 17 days.


Fortunately, I found a much better service, called Gamefly. This is a game rental service that is run online, and it works a lot like how Netflix's DVD-by-mail program works. Basically, you set up a queue online, and the service will send you those games. You can either rent one or two games at a time, and believe it or not, you are allowed to keep the games as long as you want. You can get all this for what I consider to be a modest monthly membership fee, which as of this writing starts at just $15.95 a month. But before you sign up, you can get a Gamefly free trial (which you can get from, which will allow you to use the service for an entire month, free. In my opinion, this is the best way to test out the service and see how it works before you spend your own money for a membership.


One great thing about Gamefly is the vast selection of games. As of this writing, you have over 8000 games to choose from, for just about every gaming platform imaginable. So if you're a gamer who is on a budget, Gamefly is your best bet if you want to play the greatest number of games at the lowest possible price.

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