Lens.com Review

In my last article, I talked about Buying Contact Lenses. Today, I wanted to review Lens.com, which is the other online contact lens store that I routinely make purchases at.

Lens.com was actually the first store I bought contact lenses from. Back then, I really was not familiar with how to order contacts online, and the process was a bit more complex than it is today. When I first ordered lenses years ago, you had to not only have a copy of your prescription, you also had to fax it in. Verification did not happen as quickly as it does now, but I believe I still received my lenses in a little over a week. Today, the ordering process is a bit more streamlined. In fact, I don't even think you need to provide your prescription, as long as you give them your doctor's name and location. From there, the staff at the company will contact the doctor and verify your prescription on your behalf.

Since my first order, I have continued to order quite regularly from Lens.com, and it has continued to be one of my favorite stores. I will be honest, however. The store itself is fine, but it's mostly the low prices that make me order from them frequently. For the brand that I use, this company often offers the best prices on the Internet, in particular when I use a Lens.com coupon code from this link: http://couponleaf.com/lens-com-coupon/. Ordering in large quantities (4 boxes or more) is also in your best interest if you use this store, as the price per box goes down the bigger your order size.

Other benefits of using Lens.com include a satisfaction guarantee, excellent customer service, and an order tracking system that lets you know when your order has shipped. One feature I particularly like is the one-click reordering. Most of us don't change the contact lenses we wear that often, so it's often the case that your next order will be the same as the last one. It's nice when you can simply click a button to quickly reorder your lenses.

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