About Ann-Nemazie.com

This site used to focus on providing web design and development services for clients. Today, however, it is primarily a blog that addresses a number of topics of interest to modern consumers. Some of the things we like to blog about include:


  - Online shopping

  - Internet dating sites

  - Health and wellness

  - Nutrition and diets

  - Couponing

  - E-cigarettes

  - Financial planning

  - Software

  - Credit

  - How to protect yourself as a consumer


As you can see, our interests cover a wide range of subjects. We will be providing how-to articles as well as reviews of products and services that we believe will be helpful to our visitors.


We want to do our best to ensure that this blog meets your needs and talks about the kind of things you care about. Therefore, if you want to suggest topics to us, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can use our contact page at any time to send us a message.

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